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What seemed like the end for the band Gingerlys in 2018 was the fresh start for Lunarette. Members Kevin Doxsey, Brian Alvarez, Colin O’Neill, and Jackie Mendoza chose to start anew and return to the studio with Connor Hanwick (prod. Gingerlys LP) to record their shimmering debut EP ‘Clair de Lunarette’ (out 2021).

Striving for release, both personal and communal, Lunarette lean into the pop sensuality of their polished, electronic world. Lush, swirling guitar layered over dynamic, jingling synth melodies fill the atmosphere of their debut EP. Harkening to late night drives, and the carefree sentimentality of future nostalgia, lead single “Austin St.” beckons listeners to swap the serious for a waking daydream.

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  • Brian Alvarez
  • Kevin Doxsey
  • Jackie Mendoza
  • Colin O’Neill

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Clean and controlled, with a melancholy edge.
-Bandcamp Daily, Album of the Day

Released at the dawn of a verdant, hopeful spring, these songs shimmer with the golden glow of nostalgia.
-Flood Magazine

If you've been needing some musical bliss in your life, look no further than Lunarette to dazzle and delight. Keep an eye on this band: they won't be a hidden gem for long.
-The Revue

Their latest project hears them tidying away the past’s fuzzy corners and sun-coated jangle for a key-sophisticate of dream-pop swirling in the night sky.
-Recommended Listen

“Lucky One” sees Lunarette trade the jangly dual guitar attack of their previous outfit for a softer, more new-wave focused approach without losing their uncanny knack for huge pop hooks.
-Flood Magazine

A shuffling, stoic slice of retro-pop."
-The Alternative, on "Austin St."

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