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supernowhere is the latest, fantastic addition to our roster, and we were recently given the opportunity to re-issue their debut record Gestalt, now available to stream for the first time. We love this band to bits, and it seems that many of you do as well! There's nothing like the feeling of witnessing a remarkable piece of music find the listener that has clearly been craving it and connecting with it. We asked supernowhere to curate the September edition of "artist selections" with some of their influences. I love the direction they took this playlist, check it out:

“In honor of our three year anniversary of our first record 'Gestalt', we wanted to look back at our time in the small yet vibrant Burlington, Vermont independent music scene. This playlist is a quick snapshot of a bunch of great artists that we had the pleasure of playing shows with in our brief time living there. We hope you’ll discover something new.”

Thanks for tuning in for our monthly Artist Selections, you can stream Gestalt on all platforms here.

You can also check out our accompanying Staff Selections playlist, curated by your pals Kevin, Mack, Sarah, and Will.

Until next time ! <3

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