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We’re looking for a fall intern. If that interests you, please read on:

Our staff live in different cities spread all over the US so there is no central office Topshelf collectively operates from. Instead, we rely heavily on online communication tools and software. With that in mind, we are opening this opportunity up to anyone in the US.

Broadly speaking, the position will assist Topshelf staff with day-to-day needs while exposing you to the inner workings of running a record label—promoting, distributing, marketing and ultimately releasing music physically and digitally in a fun, fast paced, but also deliberate environment. We are a small team with limited resources and bandwidth, but we make a lot happen by playing to our collective strengths—this includes you. We’re looking for someone who can help with the more mundane aspects of running a label (more on that below), but we’re also looking to highlight and showcase what you’re great at. Video editing, illustration, animation, web development, photography, graphic design, copywriting—whatever it is you’re excited about, we want to provide you with a platform to showcase your skill set while helping our roster grow and gaining experience and insight into how an independent record label operates.

Applicants should be familiar with online communication tools and software like Dropbox, Slack, Notion, and G Suite. Familiarity with Adobe software like Illustrator and Photoshop is definitely a plus. Experience with e-commerce platforms like Bandcamp, Limited Run, Squarespace, Discogs, etc. is also a major plus! If you're not familiar with these tools, please don't let that discourage you from applying, but please know you'll be expected to learn and utilize them. It’s not required that you be a, uh, extremely “online” person, but some social media savvy is encouraged. Otherwise, we want to lean into what you’re excited about and provide an opportunity for you to showcase and grow your skill set(s). Lastly, please have more than just a cursory understanding of our roster and catalog.

  • The position pays $250.00/month.
  • we can accommodate college credit.
  • We are flexible on schedule and hours, but it is expected that you would be available at least 15 hours a week sometime between 10am and 5pm pst.
  • Though we will be opening this opportunity up for the duration of the fall (September through December), we are flexible on the internship’s total duration, start, and end times.

To apply, please send an email to: info at topshelfrecords dot com . Be sure to include the word “INTERNSHIP” in the subject. Include your name, some artist(s) or album(s) on the label you enjoy, along with a little about yourself, what you do, and links to any relevant info (a portfolio, past projects, a social media profile, etc.). Applications should be submitted by September 10, 2021. We'll respond to all applicants upon receipt of your application and will have a decision by the end of September. Please no attachments other than a resume!!!!!

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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