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Opal Hoyt is the voice behind Zenizen, who (according to Pitchfork) "[F]uses soul, jazz R&B, and rock into songs that celebrate both hedonism and mindfulness." We asked her to curate our artist selections playlist this month, and she used the space to showcase some of the artists she's collaborated with in the studio and on stage. Read some background from her, and hear the full playlist below!

I’ve been fortunate enough that most of my recording features have been organic/casual. Blvck Spvde was in the next studio over at Converse Rubber Tracks while Ben (IGBO) and I were working on something for Zenizen and he asked me to jump on something so Revolving Doors came together that way!
Similar with the IGBO records and even the Helado Negro tracks were recorded in a space that a few of our other friends use sometimes as well. “Hey would you want to jump on this?” is one of my favorite questions and if we know each other the answer is likely yes.
For the live stuff there’s been a mix of longer term projects I’ve been playing with like Helado Negro, but some of them are sub or one practice hits. QUIN flew in from LA and we had one practice together before playing Afropunk so it’s always a mix. Kind of nice to know you can do it :)

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