Olivia Kaplan // Curated Playlist

Our "Artist Selections" playlist has a new spin this month with selections from Olivia Kaplan. The dazzling songwriter has shared 32 tracks that inspire her writing and craft.

"It's impossible to include everything, but these are songs and artists that either... have always inspired me, inspire me right now or were on rotation while writing and recording Tonight Turns To Nothing. A close listener might pick up on the J.J. Cale drum machine that inspired sounds for "Long Con", but for the most part these are artists that live in my heart and mind because of the potency of their lyrics and delivery. I try to channel Fiona Apple's dignified vulnerability and mastery of confrontation and self-deprecation. I love the way she owns her shit while leveling her lovers so eloquently - "I Know" is a heartbreaking version of that. I have always been enamored by Bill Callahan's odd, poetic minimalism and string arrangements. I thought about him a lot while writing "Talking to the Dead". I also threw in some of my 2019 pop favorites including Ariana Grande's "ghostin" which overwhelms me every time I hear it...can't explain that one." -Olivia Kaplan

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