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We see this space as an opportunity to give a platform for our roster—but moreso, the individual people that comprise our roster—to speak on anything that's important to them, or to simply share anecdotes about their music. Our hope is that this will expand into a curated, open-ended hub for not just news and updates, but also recommendations, behind-the-scenes, "premieres" & exclusives, random musings, calls to action, and as a means for us to riff on what we think is important. Our logo is a speech bubble, after all.

Every post we've ever made going back to 2006 has been meticulously tagged and archived here for you. Use the 'by artist' dropdown or the filters to show posts that're more specific to what you're looking for, or just scroll down to peruse things chronologically. Thanks for reading!
an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

Gregory Uhlmann // Curated Playlist

Gregory Uhlmann

"This may seem a little all over the place, but I think that's just how my brain likes to listen to music. What holds them all together is some kind of mysterious magic woven into their fabric..." read more →


Gregory Uhlmann // "Neighborhood Watch", the introspective LP out today

Gregory Uhlmann

Neighborhood Watch is a meditation on domestic bliss and contentment, filled with thoughtful lyricism and skillful composition. read more →


Harry the Nightgown // "Babbling"

Harry the Nightgown are back with a dreamy music video for new single "Babbling", a tale of fantasy, love, and butterflies ~ read more →


Gregory Uhlmann // "Cool Breeze"

Gregory Uhlmann

"I think I'll always be looking for answers, but I'm more comfortable with the idea that there are not always clear cut solutions and that's ok." read more →


Meet our Summer Interns!

Gregory Uhlmann

Meet our new interns Reina, and Sarah, and listen to the playlists they made just for you <3 read more →


Thanya Iyer // "I Just Lay Down My Head"

Thanya Iyer

Thanya Iyer is back with the third single from "KIND", the ambient-pop "I Just Lay Down My Head." read more →


Del Paxton // "September, Bedtime, Ontario" EP announced

Del Paxton

Their latest are a set of singles teeming with the exuberance and excitement of being young, alive, and earnest. read more →


Harry the Nightgown // "Pill Poppin' Therapist"

Harry the Nightgown

Make an appointment with "Pill Poppin' Therapist", the new single from Harry the Nightgown read more →


Gregory Uhlmann // "Santa Fe", new single featuring Meg Duffy

Gregory Uhlmann

​Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) joins Gregory Uhlmann on the ambient reverie "Santa Fe," taken from the upcoming Neighborhood Watch, out July 24​ read more →


New Pressings & Restocks

Gregory Uhlmann

We've got new, beautiful variants for your favorite albums ~ more coming soon! read more →


There is no business as usual anymore

read more →
Gregory Uhlmann

call to action #2

Gregory Uhlmann

Please donate to mutual aid funds, and help your community any way you can! Black Lives Matter! read more →


Call to Action #1

Gregory Uhlmann

we encourage you to take action locally, to find people on the ground who are already working toward decarceration, abolition, and de-funding the police. read more →


Introducing: Harry the Nightgown

Harry the Nightgown

Harry the Nightgown’s influences range from The Raincoats and XTC to Rosalía and Kate Bush. Their sound has been compared to bands such as Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof. The product is defined by improv “Toast and Punch” recording techniques. read more →


Thanya Iyer // "Always, Be Together"

Thanya Iyer

"Intricate, wistful, observant and beautiful." Thanya Iyer premieres the first single from "KIND", the affirming and ethereal "Always, Be Together" read more →


Gregory Uhlmann // Lead Single "Spice Girls"

Gregory Uhlmann

“Neighborhood Watch is a cozy portrait of grains of sand, cats, ants, getting colds, letting loose, feeling shy, watching movies, and being in love.” read more →


Crisman // "Surprise" Music Video Premiere


Crisman premieres their music video for "Surprise", from their debut self-titled album. Link to accompanying interview with The Alternative <3 read more →


Friend Oasis // Digital Festival May 1


Topshelf Records presents: Friend Oasis, 12 of your favorite bands gathered on Twitch for one amazing day of live(streamed) music read more →


Summer Internship


We're looking for a summer intern to assist with our summer release schedule. We're accepting applications through May 29, check out the post for more details! read more →


Crisman // Curate our "Staff Selections" Playlist


Crisman have chosen 20 songs that they keep on repeat in the van, and that have made them excited about music :) give it a whirl read more →


Thanya Iyer // Visual Album "KIND"

Thanya Iyer

"KIND", the captivating visual album exploring healing, cultural identity, disability, and much more, is available now from Thanya Iyer read more →


Crisman // Debut self-titled album out now


"[...] a sound that speaks of surrealist nostalgia against the background of the quiet rapture of reality." -Recommended Listen read more →


Alfred. // New EP "One Trick Pony" & video for "PRNDL/DR. CALL"


One Trick Pony is a testament to the powerful clarity of Alfred.'s self-expression, whose light and intention are brought forth by their music, amidst the chaos. read more →


Crisman // Share sweet serenade "Icee Blue"


We love any song that reminds us of our crushes and makes us swoon ~ thanks Crisman read more →


standards // lead single "Special Berry" out now


Join Marcos Mena for a quarantine-approved bedroom play through of "Special Berry", the lead single from standards' full-length debut, with accompaniment from an assortment of colorful comrades read more →


Cancelled Tours // 100% of Bandcamp Sales Going to Artists


Consider buying the record of anyone whose show you were planning on attending this Spring. You can head to Bandcamp to support your favorite artists now :^) read more →


Ratboys // "Staff Selections" playlist guest curated by Ratboys


"These songs inspire us to create. & that's the best vibe you can ask for." read more →


addy // "Eclipse", the anticipated debut LP, out today


Catch addy later this month at SXSW, or on vinyl in your living room any time! read more →


Ratboys // "Printer's Devil" LP released today


The first pressing of Printer's Devil is available on a variety of limited vinyl options, click through for details! read more →


addy // "Eclipse", the title track from anticipated, forthcoming LP out now


We're happy to share the title track from the forthcoming addy record "Eclipse" out March 6. read more →