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| photos by: Adam Watkins | words by: Adam Watkins
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In high school I remember it was in my Dark Room classes where I felt like I had found my people, the other creators and weirdos like myself. Ever since it's been something that brings me a lot of joy, something I mainly just do for myself. Most of these photos I picked out were taken 2017-2018 when I was writing most the songs that would end up on Eclipse. Maybe the oldest one featured is of the strawberries which was from an art installation I was helping out an old partner with.

"Golden hour, taking photographs on the stained heels, from stepping on strawberries, we laid down until our backs turned green"

My old apartment is heavily featured, the window in my room, my roommate Mack on our porch at the time, we had this strange hallway skylight that I would lay under for photos and got that one of my friend Josh.

"Flat-back we laid out on the floor, in the pitch-black of the early morn"

There's a lot from touring with the band as well, I love the ones from the Chinese take-out spot in Brooklyn (Kurt looking dreamy). Timmy playing bass on the dryer was from when we recorded in his basement for the album.

I used some of these in the artwork for the physical packaging for Eclipse designed by Kevin Zweerink. He and I wanted to use photos that played with light, something I'm often drawn to and plays a part in the album.

"Drew the shades, woke up late in the light, bleeding in"

All the photos here were taken on my Nikon FG-20 35mm Film Camera that belonged to my mother before me.

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