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hello readers! William here again with another localized call to action post—this time for my second home, Montreal, Quebec. (See my last call to action post for Atlanta, Georgia if you'd like to help or donate to important efforts there)

With several recent Montreal-related releases and announcements under the Topshelf banner, I wanted to quickly highlight some important initiatives taking place there. If you have funds, and ties to Montreal, or if you simply wanna help out of the goodness of your tender heart, I strongly encourage you to spread what wealth you can!

Computer fund for Isaiah

"We are three community workers who are starting a fundraiser for Isaiah, a young musician, producer and composer who needs our help at this time. Isaiah is incredibly gifted and unfortunately his laptop is broken. A new laptop for Isaiah would not only support him, but also his peers whom he supports by producing and recording to actualize their visions. We need the support of people in the community who wish to amplify young Black artists.

We are organizing this fundraiser for Isaiah with his consent and with 100% of the proceeds going directly to supporting this equipment purchase. We are passionate at the pursuit of fundraising and spreading the word so that Isaiah, through communal generosity, can receive this equipment."

Donate to Isaiah's computer fund

Taking What We Need: Mutual aid for Black and Indigenous Trans Feminine people who live in Montreal, Quebec

"Taking What We Need is an informal volunteer-run community group dedicated to helping trans women, trans-feminine (AMAB) and two spirit people get what they need through discretionary funding. Our fund is open to everyone in the trans-feminine community to help cover some of high costs related to transitioning that we must pau out of pocket

Currently, Taking What We Need is prioritizing Black & Indigenous applicants in Tio'Tia:ke-Montreal. This means that these applicants will be moved to the front of our waiting list and if they had already applied since we started our work in 2015, they can reapply. Applicants receive $1000, being given out on a rotating chronological/lottery system. This is an ongoing initiative, so we are looking for consistent donations above and beyond our goal."

Donate to Taking What We Need (Application for those seeking aid)

Black Healing Fund: Tio'tia:ke (Montreal)

"Black Healing Fund is an emerging initiative based in Tio'tia:ke / Montreal that seeks to provide Black people in the area with discretionary funding for therapy and other mental health focused resources."

Donate to Black Healing Fund

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