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To better showcase the beautiful illustrations attached to Lunarette's three recent singles, I figured it was time for another artist spotlight post. I talked with members of the band and with Beya Panicha, the illustrator behind the striking imagery for "Tangerine Spritz", "Low Sky", and latest release "Aislamiento", about the inspiration and process for these three pieces. Read on to see additional selections from Beya of her recent work.

Beya Panicha: From the "Tangerine Spritz" song, I think the atmosphere should be the night and the band offers the idea of tangerine sparkly liquid with a fire hydrant squirting out the “tangerine spritz”. So, I displayed the transparent fire hydrant showing tangerine spritz inside which represents kinds of cocktail mixing glasses. Also, I displayed the orange juice inside of the fire hydrant which is always full from squeezing orange by the hand on the top. This resembled the song as the singer is still thinking of that one over and over like the orange liquid that will never run out from the fire hydrant.

From the “Low Sky” song, the band made a request of the natural landscape and there are the three figures that represent the three stages of the jump. The initial jump, a head popping out and the figure leaving the water, shows the step of moving on from something. And I love the lyric that “Let the lavender dance inside your head”, so I chose the lavender’s character for presenting this song.

For the last song, "Aislamiento" the lyric is quite short, so the band gives me a lot of ideas. They told me that Aislamiento is about being alone, bored and isolated. They wanted me to focus on the lyric that “ruminating in your room, a person literally lying in bed", so I created an illustration following their idea.

I normally start my artwork with understanding the purpose of the work and searching for more of the information about it. After that, I sketch the first draft with the line only and wait for client approval. After the approval, I will add colors and complete the artworks. Therefore, my style of artwork has always changed following the experience that I met.

Kevin Duquette showed us some artists that he had been recently enjoying, all of which were great, but Beya immediately stood out for all of us. We as a band knew we wanted to evoke something fantasy-like with soothing colors, so going with Beya was a very easy and unanimous decision. The brilliance of her color choices, the soft textures and the amount of detail that spans the entirety of all of her pieces were so alluring.

The brainstorming process was very easy. We sent over the lyrics and gave very general ideas of what we had in mind. For example, for "Tangerine Spritz" we basically just asked "What if the streets were flooded with tangerine-colored liquid?" She added her own touches with references to some of the lyrics. For all three singles we were instantly happy with the first drafts and we couldn't imagine these songs without her art attached to them.

- Kevin Doxsey

Additional selections from Beya:

"The first one is the alphabet set, the event of 36daysoftype. I created an A-Z inspired by interior design. I feel fun with this event because I’m really interested in interior and furniture. And I mix it together to be the big picture."

"Another one is the illustration for the Noema Magazine. This article is about China, the US, and Europe having different grand strategies which are really just goals for hegemony rather than planetary equilibrium. The main idea is kind of about "renovating" how we look at the world. It's about change and about shifting perspectives, new ways of thinking and problem solving. I think it is really hard for me because I have to study more about global politics and present it in my artwork. However, I think it’s interesting because it’s a new thing for me."

If you're interested in viewing more of Beya's work you can find her on Instagram and Foundation.

You can find "Tangerine Spritz", "Low Sky", and "Aislamiento" all on Bandcamp.

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