spring sale 2022!

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Yeah, it's that time. We're having a spring sale! And it's kinda huge, honestly.

The quick facts:

  • You gotta use code BADSUMMER at checkout (For a bonus: listen to cool original's outtakes from "bad summer" while you browse. What's the bonus? Cool, new music is the bonus.)
  • Orders over $100 here in the shop will get a free random test press! (these might ship separately/later than your original order, so don't worry if you don't receive it right away)
  • (almost) everything in the US and UK shops is 25% off (this excludes pre-orders & mystery bundles)
  • We're also running 15% off on our bandcamp, if that is truly more your vibe.
  • We lowered our bandcamp subscription from $10/month to $8/month ~ and if you get it at $8/month right now, it will be $8 for you forever. A sweet deal, I must say. It gets you every new album we put out, a merch discount, and sub-exclusive releases (which we'll have more of very soon!)

We've also got new items! and! restocks!

Something we're very stoked on: mystery bundles!!

They include a random assortment of either indie pop & rock, emo, or math rock titles from our catalog on whichever physical format you prefer. We hope your mysterious assortment gives you something new to love, or gets a favorite finally in your hands!

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New topshelf shirts! or ~ topshelf tops?

Look at them! We think they're sick. You should wear one.

~Hot tip~ if you purchase any topshelf merch or mystery bundle, you'll get a free download of ~ and be the first to hear ~ our 2022 label sampler. And it may or may not feature and unannounced partnership 👀 (it does)

Shop Topshelf merch →

Now hitttt theee shoooppp!






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