supernowhere // "Basement Window" + *Album Announcement*

supernowhere have announced their sophomore record, Skinless Takes A Flight! It lands March 2, 2022. The lead single “Basement Window” is out now, along with a new music video. slither on below for all the info~~

The majority of the nine songs that comprise supernowhere’s Skinless Takes A Flight were originally cuts that didn’t make their debut Gestalt. But after collectively moving across the country from Burlington, VT to Seattle, WA, the scrapped tracks transformed substantially into florid, at times entrancing compositions.

Lead-single “Basement Window was prompted by a dream of a snake in the basement of now defunct Seattle house venue Werewolf Vacation, and is about expressing an accusation of harm in cumulative iterations. Over pulsating, syncopated rhythms inspiring a trancelike state, “Basement Window” details the slow accumulation of moments of confusion that arise when you’re picking up red flags from someone who initially seemed trustworthy. Hear it on all platforms

The track's pleasantly unsettling music video is stop-motion, spiraling chaos that is absolutely worth a watch

Pre-orders for Skinless Takes A Flight are live! Available on 3 vinyl variants, CD, cassette, and digital — you can pick it up here!

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