Sweet Pill // new song "High Hopes" + music video !

The second Sweet Pill single is here! It's called "High Hopes" and it's a scorcher, I must say. Along with the release, the band also dropped a music video to accompany the song. In it, the Sweet Pins face off against the Gutter Goblins in a good ol’ game of America’s greatest pastime: bowling. The video is such a damn treat, you must give it a watch.

""The idea for shooting a music video at the bowling alley initially started as a joke as we and our friends get together on a weekly basis for bowling. [...] Keeping our heads held high even though we are being sabotaged by the Gutter Goblins is how we feel connected to the theme of ‘High Hopes’.”
-Ryan Cullen (bass)

"The Sweet Pins League was a long awaited dream. The collective goal of winning the bowling league trophy was all this band ever wanted, even before knowing it. Although we’re still at the bottom, Sweet Pill is on their way to retiring their music career and becoming full-time Sweet Pins champions”
-Sean McCall (guitar)

Sweet Pill’s debut album Where the Heart Is releases May 25! 10 tracks of raucous energy that can’t come out soon enough. While we wait, though, why not give it a pre-order? The record is available on CD, cassette, and vinyl!

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