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Sirs & Duck. Little Brother, Duck! Preorders and song premiers!



Pre-orders for Duck. Little Brother, Duck!'s phenomenal Don't Take Our Filth Away and Sirs' equally impressive debut self-titled LP are both now available for preorder! We have several different package deal options and new merch for both.

I can't tell you how friggin' stoked I am for everyone to hear these two records in full. If you're familiar with either of their respectiveoutput to date, then you know what to expect — but both bands have taken past efforts and elevated them to a new level. Both records immediately showcase each bands' impeccable ability to write a complete, well-formed record from end to end.

If you've followed the label for any period of time, you surely have a decent grasp on what it is we're into and doing over here. These are two records that will most definitely stand up as milestones in our catalog and we're really proud to be putting them out! So, head on over to the Topshelf store and check 'em out!

New records means new music, so head over to Absolutepunk to stream a new song from Sirs and a new song from Duck. Little Brother, Duck!.

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