The Saddest Landscape's "After the Lights" available everywhere today!

After the Lights is available everywhere today! Woo! All pre-orders and advance downloads of the record have been sent out so keep an eye on your mailbox / inbox!


In celebration of releasing After the Lights, we've got a pretty awesome video to unveil. Here's a few words from the band about it:

Our friend Chris from Truro was nice enough to make us a video for In Love with the Sound. Many thanks to him and everyone else who let us use their photos and video footage from the past few months for it. After the Lights is out today and in stores. Hope you enjoy it.

Here's a short list of record stores carrying After the Lights (there are plenty of others but we unfortunately don't have a comprehensive list):

  • Alliance
  • Amoeba Records
  • Baker and Taylor
  • Banana Belt
  • Boo Boo Records
  • Canterbury Records
  • Dearborn Music
  • Deathwish
  • Dimple
  • Disc Exchange
  • Exclusive Company
  • Impact
  • Independent Records and Video
  • Interpunk
  • J&R Electronics
  • Jack's Music Shoppe
  • Music Millenium
  • Newbury Comics
  • Park Ave/Halfman
  • Rasputin
  • Salver's Merchantile
  • Schoolkids
  • Silver Platters
  • Sound Garden
  • Twist and SHout
  • Zia Record Exchange
  • 2nd Ave. Records

The record is on sale for the first month at Newbury Comics so if you happen to be in the Northeast, that'd be a good place to pick it up if you haven't yet! Lastly, if your local record store isn't carrying it, just ask! You can also still get the record from us on our webstore. Thanks everyone!

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