A REALLY special day for us

Some of — what have become a handful of our best friends and all around favorite people — Pianos Become The Teeth, along with Topshelf newbies (but really nice people too, you guys!) A Great Big Pile of Leaves, have both released amazing new records today. We couldn’t be more proud to be associated with both!


Photo by Al Heishman.

Here's what people have had to say about The Lack Long After:

Astonishing craft. Intense musicianship. Staggering results. -Rock Sound

The Lack Long After savagely forges ahead. As raw and messy as a picked scab, the album lacks in nothing... The Lack Long After isn’t just Pianos’ crowning achievement to date — it’s at the vanguard of post-hardcore’s much-needed renaissance. -Altpress

...an album that ups the ante and shows just how damn impressive this band truly is. Sprawling and stunningly engrossing...Album Rating: A. -Muzik Discovery 

When you get the chance to hear this album, don't just throw it on and begin crawling around the Internet or cleaning your house. Take forty minutes, put on some headphones and follow along with every deep cut of Durfey's tongue. You'll probably sit there for a good ten minutes afterward trying to take it all in. That moment is a rare experience where music transcends a flat feeling of enjoyment into an overwhelming feeling of deep connection. That's when you know an album holds some sort of grander power. -Absolutepunk

[T]his record will break your heart. -Bedwetting Cosmonaut

A profound and engaging musical experience that displays why Pianos Become the Teeth are so damn good at what they do. -Sputnik Music

...an emotion-wringing journey of loss and struggle ...an album you will be moved by. -Mind Equals Blown

If you haven't gotten the record or checked it out yet, you can stream The Lack Long After at Rock Sound and read singer Kyle Durfey's explanation of each Track over on Altpress.


Photo by Dan Bassini.

If you haven't yet checked out any of A Great Big Pile of Leaves' new stuff yet, you can stream Live From the Living Room at AltPress and stream BOOM! at AOL's Spinner.

Aside from all that, we've had an absolute blast at CMJ and Fest — it was so great to meet so many people and hang out with so many new and old friends alike! Up next: Fun Fun Fun Fest... see ya soon, Texas!

Lastly, if you haven't yet picked up either one of these records you can do so in our store. They're both in and shipping! Thanks.

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