New release(s) from Caravels!


So, as we've already announced, we will be releasing Caravels' Floorboards EP on vinyl. Floorboards, which was originally released last summer by the band on CD and digitally by us, will see it's vinyl released on August 23rd. The vinyl release will be completely re-mastered from it's original version and will also include the band's first EP The Earthling Sessions as part of the album.

Caravels has also made plans to release a split with Virginia band Gifts From Enola. The band will be entering Earthling Studios this month to record their side of the split. The record will be a co-release between Topshelf and The Mylene Sheath and will be out later this year. More details on the split to follow. 

The Las Vegas outfit joined our roster last year and released a self-titled 7 inch in January of this year which you can listen to here and purchase here.

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