New Split EP's from We Were Skeletons

We Were Skeletons

Putting out records from your friends' bands is just the best! So, we're really extremely excited to announce that we will be releasing two brand new split EP's for Lancaster, PA's We Were Skeletons in early 2011. Topshelf released the band's latest full length self-titled effort in June of this year on both CD and vinyl.

Each EP will be a split with another band and released on digital and vinyl formats. The first EP released will be with Maryland's MИЩa (pronounced "mee-sh-uh") and will be a co-released effort between Black With Sap Records and Topshelf Records. The second EP will be shared with Boston's The Saddest Landscape and will be released solely by Topshelf Records. The Saddest Landscape released You Will Not Survive earlier this year as well as a split 9 inch with Pianos Become The Teeth.

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