People Like You // “Variations On an Aria” Track Premiere

People Like You premiered “Variations On an Aria” in tangent with an announcement for their second full-length LP, Verse, via Allston Pudding. Serving as a tribute to his Puerto Rican heritage, the song depicts guitarist Chris Lee-Rodriguez navigating cultural disconnect faced by immigrants, such as his mother. Pitchfork acclaims the track, calling it an “exercise in wondering how you fit in—a theme that all emo depends on, and that People Like You portray with a distinctly wise point-of-view.”

The visceral recreation of loneliness sends shockwaves through its audience and reveals the band’s ability to find a niche within what Pitchfork refers to as “the emo catalog.” Gold Flake Paint describes the tone of the track as “tender, but never timid, elegant but still forceful.”

Look for the band on their upcoming tour and pre-order Verse here.

A portion of this albums pre-order proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Planned Parenthood. Thank you kindly for your support.

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