Gulfer // "Fading" Song Premiere

Your favorite French Canadian mathy emo rockers, Gulfer, have released their first single, "Fading", for their upcoming release Dog Bless, coming out with us (North America), Big Scary Monsters (UK), and Friend of Mine Records (JP) on March 2nd. Browse our pre-order options for the album here while jamming the first single "Fading" on any of the platforms listed below. It premiered on Thursday via New Noise Magazine who said the track is "full of intricately timed patterns and riffs, the song breathes with swirling melodies that are realized by multiple instruments."

If you haven't yet heard Gulfer's past split with Del Paxton released by us in 2015, feel free to check it out here. We're so pumped to be releasing more content by this band next month and hope you guys are too!

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