Aeroplane, 1929 To Persevere


This record was super important (and continues to be). At the time, I don't think we were 100% aware that what we were doing was running a record label (I mean, if I'm being completely honest here — and I am — that's the farthest thing from what we were really doing, haha, but I digress). All I know is that this was a major milestone. Doing something once shows initiative. Doing something more than once goes on to show dedication to the initial idea; it implies that there's something worth doing again, maybe. This marked our second release and first from a band that wasn't our own — and we were damn proud of it.

At the time, Aeroplane, 1929 were a very up-and-coming act in the Western Massachusetts / Connecticut scenes and also some of our very closest friends (and continue to be to this day). I designed and painted the artwork, sat in on many a practice and recording session and both Seth and I attended countless Aeroplane, 1929 shows. Topshelf Records didn't have much to offer artists we worked with back then, but I think we made up for that with how much we were invested in each project in other ways beyond just financially. Perhaps I'm romantacizing a tad, but this is a record that helped us both to realize that this is something we really enjoyed and wanted to see grow.

The night the record came out, we all celebrated together in suits and ties at the New Haven lawn Club (haha, I didn't even own a suit at that point and had to borrow one of Seth's). An oriental carpet salesperson was giving a sales pitch in the next room and gave us all oriental carpet themed mouse pads. I still have and use mine daily — it reminds me of that night, this record and these wonderful people every day.

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Track List:

  1. Bones in the Attic
  2. Act of Contrition
  3. Drunken Advice for a Mid-Life Crisis
  4. Green With Envy
  5. Sharp Teeth
  6. Being Good; (Or, Life with Serpents)
  7. What it is I'm Made Of….
  8. Other Auxiliaries (L'Hymne De Faiblesse)
  9. Tied-Down Giants
  10. Remedy
  11. Monsters, Created Pts. I & II
  12. Dig to the Orient
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