Ratboys AOID


We were instantly floored by Ratboys' seemingly effortless knack for integrating wonderful melodies with thoughtful song structure. AOID reminds us of classics like Mirah, Okkervil River, Rilo Kiley or Wye Oak meeting somewhere with more contemporary acts like Waxahatchee or even Hop Along at their quieter moments.

Standard jacket depicting a hand coming down on a collage of a plethora of art styles. Lyric sheet inside hosting a few more drawings in black and white.

Pressing Info:

first press:
/161 - Coke Bottle Clear
/158 - Light Blue
/108 - 180g Black
/104 - Sandy Tan
20 test presses

second press:
/500 - Lime Green
/270 - Seafoam

third press:
/500 - Translucent Gold

fourth press:
/1,000 - Blue & Gray Splatter

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Track List:

  1. AOID
  2. Tixis
  4. Charles Bernstein
  5. Folk Song For Jazz
  6. PostmanSong
  7. Our Mortician's Daughter
  8. Bugs!
  9. Pivotal Dates
  10. And
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