Ratboys GN


GN offers a bevy of tales, laments and triumphs, which recount near-tragedies by the train tracks, crippling episodes of loneliness, remembrances of a deceased family pet with freezer burn, and on and on. The songs shift and breathe as worlds all their own, tied together by the group’s self-proclaimed ‘post-country’ sound, which combines moments of distortion and a DIY aesthetic with a devotion to simple songwriting and ties to the Americana sounds of years past.

The songs chosen to close both sides of the record – the slow-burning "Crying About the Planets" and quizzical "Peter the Wild Boy" - unpack the respective journeys of two real people who were quite literally lost and found. "Crying" tells the survival story of Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson from a first-person perspective, and "Peter" reflects on the life of a feral child in Germany who was eventually adopted by the King of England," according to Julia Steiner.

Certain personal stories - the tour adventures recapped in "GM," the struggle to learn to show affection as divulged in "Molly" - find Ratboys just as eagerly exploring subject matter that comes from within, and then illustrating the highs and lows with soaring hooks and plaintive ones. Even in the moments that lie somewhere between bliss and misery, a tension persists between Steiner’s sweet vocal delivery and Sagan’s physical, almost-off-the-hinges guitar playing that lends each song a deeper sense of color and movement.

For fans of Remember Sports, Waxahatchee, Radiator Hospital.

The vinyl comes in a beautiful gatefold style LP jacket with a printed dust sleeve. Inside the gatefold is a photograph of another piece similar to that of the cover image, taped to a desk around some more obscure objects. Lyrics printed on inside sleeve as well as a photo of the band!

Pressing Info:

first press:
/500 - Opaque Purple
/300 - 180g Black
/250 - 180g Red/Blue Swirl

second press:
/300 - Translucent Purple
/200 - Maroon/Cream Aside/Bside

third press:
/500 - Clear w/ Red and Blue Splatter

fourth press:
/1,000 - Cloudy Blue on Clear

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Track List:

  1. Molly
  2. Elvis is in the Freezer
  3. Westside
  4. Control
  5. Crying About the Planets
  6. Dangerous Visions
  7. Wandered
  8. GM
  9. The Record
  10. Peter the Wild Boy
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