No Vacation Phasing


Phasing is the latest collection of songs from the wavy-gravy dream-pop group No Vacation, comprised of five tracks that laconically capture the band’s evolution and compositional acumen. While some cuts took only a couple months to complete, others had years-long gestation periods, showing the band’s awareness that patience can be a powerful artistic tool. The collaborative writing process on Phasing further demonstrates No Vacation’s growth, wherein each member made contributions outside of their primary instrument. Emboldened by this experimentation, each title on Phasing features a distinct structural turn, either breaking up a song entirely in half, or deftly transitioning to an unexpected mood or phrase. The result is an instrumentally dynamic, multigenre foray that calls on the sounds of shoegaze and 90s alternative rock, even boasting string arrangements which hearken back to the Romantic Era.

Pressing Info:

first press:
/500 - Light Pink/Tan Aside/Bside (Retail Exclusive)
/500 - Semi-Transparent Navy Blue
/350 - 180g Black
/150 - Pink in Light Blue
second press:
/2,137 - coke bottle clear "cloudy"

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Track List:

  1. Estrangers
  2. Changes
  3. Out of Place
  4. Days
  5. Last Dance
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