Elephant Gym Go Through the Night


Stemming from their recent collaboration with the Japanese band toe, Elephant Gym’s new single “Go Through the Night” fluidly interpolates the classic toe song “Two Moons” into their unique scene where reality intertwines with dreamworld illusions.

Peppered with chopped samples of the acoustic guitar from “Two Moons,” the Taiwanese trio’s expansion on their beloved song is stamped with KT Chang’s signature basslines that twist nimbly into her brother Tell’s gorgeous piano melodies. While glued together through drummer Tu Chia-Chin’s tactful, pinpoint-precise drumming, the song maintains a dreamlike air, with passages shifting inexplicably and abruptly in a way that still feels natural.

This blurring of boundaries between Elephant Gym’s dreamscape and reality is the central theme of “Go Through the Night,” and doubles as the band’s opening statement for their upcoming album centered on dreams.

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Track List:

  1. 穿過夜晚 Go Through the Night
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