Gulfer Third Wind


Named for the band’s third lease on life, Third Wind finds Gulfer at a unique moment in their ten-plus year career. When they started in 2011, Gulfer played scrappy, complex math rock influenced by the emo revival. But in 2024 they’ve emerged almost unrecognizable, while still retaining the spirit of what made them all fall in love with Gulfer in the first place. And that’s owed in large part to guitarist/vocalist Joseph Therriault.

With a new emphasis on atmosphere and more straightforward songwriting, Gulfer give themselves space to explore audaciously. Album opener “Clean” gets as close to pop as the band has ever been, where “No Brainer” dabbles deftly in downer rock that asks “what even is my fucking place in the world?”

Bold juxtapositions feature elsewhere on Third Wind: pop-punk bruiser “Too Slow” stops on a dime before evolving into a slow burning drum n bass passage, all within two minutes. And then there’s “Heartshape”, a downright love song shrouded in virtuosic performance and electric-acoustic counterpoint. Although these contrasts could be construed as aimless fiddling, their seamlessness is the true essence of Third Wind, indicative of a sage band with a renewed love for what they do.

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180g Black ~/100
Vacant Yellow ~/200
Clean Green (retail exclusive - support your local record store!) ~/200

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Track List:

  1. Clean
  2. Heartshape
  3. Cherry Seed
  4. Drainer
  5. Too Slow
  6. No Brainer
  7. Motive
  8. Prove
  9. Vacant Spirit
  10. Talk All Night
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