Defeater Letters Home

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A band known for their captivating and comprehensive storytelling just as much as their elaborate and complex music, Defeater's third full-length, Letters Home, is their absolute best work yet. These 10 new tracks are heavy and haunting, while lyrically poignant and continuing the story of a working class family living in post-WWII America. Letters Home revolves around the father of two brothers that listeners were introduced to in two of Defeater's prior releases (2008's Travels and, most recently, 2011's Empty Days & Sleepless Nights), giving a background to the character and seeing some of the events from those past albums through his eyes. Letters Home is legitimately Defeater's heaviest body of music thus far, featuring powerfully intricate guitar instrumentation, colossal-sounding drums, and more ferocious vocals than ever before. Track listing: 1. Bastards [listen here] 2. No Shame 3. Hopeless Again 4. Blood in My Eyes 5. No Relief 6. No Faith 7. Dead Set 8. No Saviour 9. Rabbit Foot 10. Bled Out


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