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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Broom


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The members of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin couldn’t list a single music blog until their lo-fi MP3s and low-res JPEGs made them worldwide icons of Blogdom in 2005. Even Spin read an SSLYBY blog, downloaded their music and declared the Missouri band “could succeed The Shins as the band that will change your life." Recorded in the attic and living room of guitarist Will Knauer's home, Broom, SSLYBY's debut record, is an expertly crafted indie pop gem. Originally, SSLYBY had a simple ambition: to make the “Local Releases” bin at CD Warehouse. However, Broom turned into a classic rock ‘n’ roll record -- the kind where pop perfectionism meets studio experimentations and each track flows effortlessly. Seemingly innocuous pop songs are molded by happy accidents of fate -- sometimes involving unexplained swarming sounds and doubled drums tracks --into the warm, ethereal tracks that made the album into a sensation. Originally self-released by the band to sell at shows, Broom was remastered and released via Polyvinyl in late 2006.

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