Topshelf Records Sea Foam Green Embroidered Logo Baseball Hat



I gotta say, I have not always been a hat person. In my youth, I wore hats ever day. Then I got kinda cool guy about hats and had to make sure my hair was looking good. But now I am 30 and I 100% don't care what my hair looks like and I am back into loving hats in a big time way. I'm gonna wear one of these hats maybe every day until I die and now you can too! One-size-fits-all with an adjustable velcro strap. Featuring a sea royal blue embroidered hand drawn version of our logo on a sea foam green hat.

PS: this photo is a mockup, not a picture. It's close to what it'll look like, but not 100% accurate. The blue will pop more but I am bad at Photoshop sorry!

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