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Topshelf Records Random Cassettes



Get randomly selected mint condition cassettes from our catalog! All orders are completely random (please no specific requests!). Every album we have ever released is part of this, including long out of stock stuff that we found.

limited to 1 per person! (this includes placing multiple, separate orders. we will refund any attempts to order more than one.)

Our end of year sale is typically the most profitable time of year for us — so with the majority of our inventory still in boxes, we’re in a bit of a tough spot! So, all proceeds from the sale will go toward securing a new space for our inventory, and really help us out since we don’t anticipate ever receiving the thousands of dollars that Awesome Merch owes us.

(ICYMI: The fulfillment company we worked with has gone bankrupt, abruptly shut down, laid off mail-order staff without telling us, and owes us thousands of dollars — so now we're asking for some help. We've posted a detailed account of everything we've been dealing with.)

Thank you for your support! :-) <3

featured titles:

A hand-picked selection of highlights from the 200+ titles in our catalog. Spanning pop, to math rock, to hardcore, you're sure to find something you're into. view all →