Good Morning TV

Good Morning TV  
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Hailing from Paris, Good Morning TV is the brainchild of Bérénice Deloire and producer Barth Bouveret. According to Requiem Pour Un Twister, "Ordinary People EP" contains "four ambitious pop songs with a very unique eerie vibe, a stunning production and great melodies."

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Bérénice Deloire
Barth Bouveret
Thibault Picot
Hugo Dupuis

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"A marvellous blend of swirling shoegaze-esque guitars and swooning vocals which seems to bury itself further in to your conscience with each listen."

"The soundtrack of your Monday mornings, between sun-veiled, disillusioned noise pop and psychedelic bowls of coffee."

"‘Ordinary People’ is a stunning psych pop tune with loads of grit. Highly recommended listening for fans of Broadcast, Stereolab or Melody’s Echo Chamber."
-Sounds Better With Reverb

"Bérénice Deloire has a softly-sighing voice, weaving its way across a dream-pop landscape. It's a kind of hypnotic undulation to which we’re lightly tethered, even as swarms of reverb add a touch of grit to the mirage that is Good Morning TV."

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