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Gulfer are an explosive and agile quartet from Montreal, Canada. Songwriters Vincent Ford and Joe Therriault drive the band's honest and vulnerable lyricism, sung in punkish, emo slants and backed with dexterous, technically proficient guitar playing. On their self-titled third record, released in 2020, the two shared the writing process in tackling themes of human nature, complex relationships, climate change, and the waning of youth. The group's rhythm section, comprised of bassist David Mitchell and drummer Julien Daoust, sustains Gulfer's signature explosiveness and bolsters the band’s nimble, intricate style. Their collective influences range from grunge to shoegaze, as well taking inspiration from indie rock-leaning emo contemporaries.

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  • David Mitchell
  • Julien Daoust
  • Joe Therriault
  • Vincent Ford

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The Montreal band Gulfer bring an intricate and melodic take on emo, and they’ve been jamming out some powerful new songs lately.

The group’s punk-leaning instrumentation and intricate guitar patterns add a certain poetic element to the song written about finding ways to cope with existence and its opposite.
-Dusty Organ on "End of the World"

There's beautiful personal wreckage in the post-truth and existential meltdown worlds of Gulfer and Charmer on the emo punk bands' new split.
-Recommended Listen

Gulfer have channeled their energetic approach towards rejuvenating melodies and lingering, raw feelings and their latest is a truly satisfying embodiment of their most collaborative songwriting effort to date.
-Exclaim on Gulfer

Gulfer use the album as a sounding board for the quotidian fears of adulthood while grounding themselves in musical and lyrical maturity.
-Pitchfork on Gulfer

The resulting record is one the sharpest and most interesting records of its kind in years, with the makings of a classic in the little math rock/emo scene.
-The Alternative on Gulfer

Full of intricately timed patterns and riffs, the song breathes with swirling melodies that are realized by multiple instruments. Whenever the vocals ride over top the always moving guitars there is a slight bit of permanence in the surroundings. Even if the song is about feeling nothing during boredom, there is an awareness that escapes the band’s psyche with their wonderfully syncopated parts.
-New Noise on "Fading"

Dog Bless feels like a new chapter for Gulfer, that sense of recklessness they manage so well curtailed with just the right amount of restraint, just the right balance between the dark and light. “Baseball” is indicative of that – but it also slams; those twinkling guitars, those guttural vocals, as interesting and invigorating as ever before.
-Gold Flake Paint

There are so many fun little bits to love here. Tracks like ‘Fading‘ and ‘Baseball‘ bring out the sunshine twiddles for all to see, while ‘Be Father‘ and ‘Babyshoe‘ are full throttle, packed with instrumentals to make you sweat.
-Birthday Cake for Breakfast on Dog Bless

One of the last revival-style emo bands standing sings about boredom and getting older on their frankly audacious second album.
-Pitchfork on Dog Bless

The album’s ooze of emotion-packed indie rock is so enticing and beautifully executed, with impactful lyrics being matched by energetic guitar riffs, both of which purvey a feel of melancholy to shadow the album’s deeper significance.
-The Alternative on Dog Bless

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