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Mal Devisa is the songwriting, liberation, and poetry project of multifarious artist Deja Carr. Starting in 2014 and breaking through with 2016’s Kiid, Mal Devisa’s work spans a self-made spectrum of sound from gravitic, soulful rock to soliloquy to unabashed hip hop. Although known for her unmistakable, smoldering voice and loop-based, bass-forward compositions, Carr’s talents also extend to reaches of spoken word and production, paralleled by aspirations to start both a youth foundation and Afrobeat orchestra. Such boundless inspiration is a central facet of Mal Devisa’s work, whose sonically and narratively unrestrained passages teem with empathy and liberatory visions for a better world.

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Deja Carr

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Deja Carr’s voice is a force of gravity, an instrument of rare range and seemingly limitless capacity for empathy. When she howls, her vocals clip into the red, and her rapping jolts you straight awake.

You’re confronted with the fact that the words you are about to hear do not exist in a vacuum or on the plane of fiction. You are listening to a living, breathing person, who sang carefully selected words into a microphone, for you to hear.
-Post-Trash, on Kiid

It’s a marvel at every turn. Carr switches off regularly from soulful croons to callous raps — she excels at both, bringing her inimitable voice and perspective. She talks of displacement and isolation, exerting control and trying to establish independence. Her songs are tender and remorseful, confident and cool.
-Stereogum, on Kiid

Simply one of the most incredible voices to ever sing a song.
-Gold Flake Paint

Deja Carr’s depth, musical range, and innate understanding of how to make her music spotlight itself help make her one of the most compelling new singer/songwriters in recent memory.

[B]rilliantly draws from jazz, hip-hop, folk, and electronic music to create a dynamic batch of musical textures over which the glorious voice of Mal Devisa (real name: Deja Carr) soars. As independent music seems to beg to be contextualized in a scene or movement, Mal Devisa has consciously avoided the social trappings of the music industry, building a following by playing heartfelt shows, making art on her own terms, and being damn good at it.

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