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My Heart to Joy  


My Heart to Joy was a post-hardcore band formed in Connecticut in 2006. They released several EPs, limited tour releases and a full length titled “Seasons in Verse” until breaking up in 2011.

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Ryan Nelson
Alan Huck
Greg Horbal
Chris Teti

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“...[A]ngular, sweeping guitars, frenetic drumming and distantly yelled vocals...most bands who try to pull off this sort of thing fall flat on their faces, but My Heart to Joy do it rather effortlessly...Get used to hearing their name.”
-Punknews (4 out of 5)

“...[T]hese guys are bringing something incredibly unique and refreshing to the table with Seasons in Verse, a record that sees a band that was once brimming with potential doing the unlikely thing and largely realizing said potential...Possessing the intricate stylings of a band like Look Mexico meshed with the crunch and urgency of a band like Polar Bear Club, My Heart To Joy is primed to become a force to be reckoned with in the nuevo-emo scene with Seasons in Verse.”
-What We Hate

“...I'm already left wanting more...I firmly recommend this LP.”

“BRILLIANT! ...[R]eally tight, and pretty much spot on, there’s just the right mixture of everything, the songs are technical but not too technical that you get bored easily, but enough to set them aside from other bands they could be categorised with.”
-Alter the Press (4 out of 5)

“Seasons in Verse shines through the shit. Filled with 90’s influence, ranging from Deep Elm to Lovitt and back to Dischord, My Heart To Joy are a solid addition to anyone’s collection already containing Hot Water Music, Hoover, Four Hundred Years, or Christie Front Drive. It’s like the best parts of the 90’s came back under one name.”
-Forget the Radio

“This band has the honesty necessary to hold my attention, then yet completely grasps it again with their noodling guitars and ridiculously well written songs. This is one of my favorite albums of the year so far.”
-Truth & Purpose

“A lot of emotions, this is raw, this is good.”
-Yo Get Into It!

“...[M]astery of the quiet to loud dynamic...intricate emotional punk, with angular soaring melodies and occasionally gruff lyrical deliveries...This is the album I’ve been the most excited about so far this year.”
-Diatribe, Inc.

“...[T]he end product gives this album a definitive theme, and it is something that must be listened to all the way through and enjoyed.”
-Absolute Punk

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