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Drawing influence from post-rock and punk scenes, Prawn have released two full-length albums, two EPs, and three splits since their 2008 formation. Their latest, Run, was recorded in the space of just two weeks at The Barber Shop Studios, an aged lake-front stone church in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. Although recording was prompt, the songs themselves were written over the course of two painstaking years. Touching on themes of isolation and alienation, Tony Clark expresses, “A lot of what came out was the sheer difficulty of truly relating to one another.” Punchier and more proactive, Run refines the sound of 2014’s Kingfisher LP - which swelled with both brass and string arrangement - by concentrating only on the instruments they’re able to play live. A significant release on its own terms, let alone as a building block to wherever this band might take themselves, Run is the sound of a band truly finding comfort in their surroundings and channeling it in to the most focused and exhilarating work of their life.

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Tony Clark
Jamie Houghton
Kyle Burns
Ryan McKenna

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“'Thumpingly alive in its loudest moments and almost surprisingly deft in the quiet shadows that hang at its feet.”

“Prawn have been quietly tossing pebbles into the pond that is the recent Emo Revival, creating subtle ripples here and there, but Kingfisher is no pebble. Rather, Kingfisher is the boulder shooting out waves in every direction.”
-Property Of Zack

“Over three albums and a scattering of EPs, Prawn is a sterling example of emo's possibility, even as it continues to outgrow the genre's parameters.”

“Like any best kept secret, Prawn swims the distance of emo-rock with a force that is to be reckoned with.”

“Prawn have shaped themselves into a band who offer more than lyrics, but counseling. And Kingfisher is catharsis created not through grit, but melody.”

“'Settled' is an oddly beautiful piece of work - rhythmically complex yet melodically simple, Prawn continue to bewilder, perplex and entertain.”
-Clash Magazine

“[A] gorgeous blend of atmosphere and nuance without losing the band’s gruff edge.”
-Consequence of Sound, on "Built For"

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