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Dedicated to the power of pop music, Sobs are Singapore’s premier indiepop propagandists. After releasing a breakout bedroom pop EP Catflap and a dream-jangle LP Telltale Signs that brought international embrace, Sobs now assemble a front-to-back indiepop behemoth – Air Guitar – after a much anticipated three-year wait.

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  • Celine Autumn
  • Jared Lim
  • Raphael Ong

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"Sobs translate the cyclical feeling of falling in and out of love into gleaming, guitar-led confections across Air Guitar, exuberantly delivering on the promise of going big."

"Forty seconds into “Air Guitar” and vocalist Celine Autumn is already delivering one of those hooks that latches onto one’s brain and doesn’t let go."
-Bandcamp Daily

"On “Air Guitar,” they’ve honed their irresistible pop hooks with higher fidelity than ever before."
-CNN Philippines

"a perfect encapsulation of what the indie-pop band do so well."
-The Fader

"[Air Guitar is] the gold standard for guitar pop in 2022."
-The Alternative

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