Stand Up Get Down


Formed in March of 2005, Stand Up Get Down was comprised of brothers Chris and Steve Dunne, and blood brothers Mike Benoit and Jaxon Vesely. Scissor Kicks, Ape-shit percussion and spacey, quirky, noodly guitars abounded. Stand Up Get Down was a band that we were elated to work with. They reminded us of all the reasons we started doing this in the first place. Though it saddens us that the band had such a short life-span, We Have Something To Celebrate remains one of our favorite releases to date.



Chris Dunne
Steve Dunne
Jason Vesely
Mike Benoit


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“...[O]verflowing with a fresh creativity...The frothy mix of twisting guitars and dancing drums with prolonged fuzz pop jams gives We Have Something to Celebrate a sound straight out of a lost late 90’s Dischord or Jade Tree band.”
-Mammoth Press (8.5 out of 10)

“...[S]hifts and moves like a bunch of rabid Fugazi fans on speed...technically solid and challenging art punk that’s sure to keep listeners on their toes. The music moves from loud to soft and slow to quick, sometimes in a matter of seconds...the feverish energy of the music gives credence to the concept of getting high on music.”
-The Noise

“...[M]usically wise beyond their years...”
-Performer Magazine

“...[A]ssured and the `90s indie rock playbook well. Aside from The Promise Ring, the album will surely appeal to fans of Sebadoh and...maybe even early Weakerthans.”

“...[Q]uirky, completely exciting...the naivety that would obviously plague a band of this age does just the opposite. It sort of embeds itself in the humor of the guitar hooks, playing off of the band’s lighthearted measure with a riveting enthusiasm for the comical side of intricacy...a very youthful bounce; a style I haven’t heard nearly as perfected since Cap’n Jazz’s “Oh Messy Life”. The lyrical aspect to this album impresses as well.”
-Absolute Punk

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