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The Velvet Teen  
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Since the band's inception in late 1999, The Velvet Teen have traveled the world and challenged the very concept of genre with their eclectic and at times schizophrenic appeal. From the early EPs, which showed prowess in the pop realm, to the dynamic indie jangle of Out of the Fierce Parade, to the romantic strings and quietly political lyrics of Elysium, to the sexually charged whip-it beats of Cum Laude, The Velvet Teen truly have a talent for seducing the masses into a cult-like state, before promptly leaving the faithless with nothing but a Kool-Aid after-taste. The believers, however, will vouch that the experience is well worth the trouble.

The band officially made its debut during a brief Icelandic tour, finding founding member Judah Nagler accompanied by electronic arrangements programmed on a portable sequencer. After returning home, Nagler teamed up with former bandmate Logan Whitehurst, and together they recorded the first EP under the moniker. Joshua Staples soon joined the group, and the trio recorded a wealth of material while touring North America, Canada and Japan until late 2004, when Logan was diagnosed with brain cancer. He died from the disease in 2006. Casey Deitz filled in during Logan’s absence and later joined the group to help extend the band’s reach to Europe and record Cum Laude.

The present day finds The Velvet Teen writing and recording as always, with their newest material a culmination of the band's history and their vision set on the horizon. You are cordially invited to take part in the madness. All Is Illusory, the band's first full length since 2006, was released via Topshelf in 2015.

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Judah Nagler
Casey Deitz
Josh Staples

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"From the very first moment of 'Sonreo'...there's a euphoric energy to All Is Illusory that never really lets go."

"[A] climactic and emotional bit of heart-on-your-sleeve indie rock..."

"In just under three minutes, 'Eclipses' will leave you breathless."

"'The Giving In' has the atmospheres of Elysium, the grit of Out of the Fierce Parade, and the fidgety rhythms of Cum Laude all worked into one cohesive song. It's good stuff".

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