Introducing: Harry the Nightgown

We're excited to announce the newest addition to our roster: Harry the Nightgown

At the age of five, Sami Perez was lonely enough to befriend a tree that sat catty-corner to San Francisco’s Alamo Square Park and directly below her bedroom window. Due to its ever growing ivy, she named the tree “Harry the Nightgown”.

In 2014, Perez met Spencer Hartling at a dive bar in Ventura when their respective bands played to a small audience of balding drunks. Impressed with each others’ performances, they forged a long distance friendship and began to collaborate on their music. In 2017, Hartling moved from Los Angeles to a farm on an off-grid plot of land in the mountains of Guerneville. Hartling set up a minimal recording space in a shipping container, and it was there, against the farm’s backdrop of manzanita trees and natural springs that Perez and Hartling began writing and demoing what would eventually become Harry the Nightgown.

In late 2018, Hartling and Perez began to record their debut self-titled album, Harry the Nightgown at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco. The album is a showcase of their experimental engineering and production styles, as well as their shared love of playful sonic deconstruction. The songs are a meditation on the struggle of continuing a creative collaboration with an ex-partner.

"We were nervous picking a first single, because it’s our introduction to the world as Harry the Nightgown. We’re so excited to share Ping Pong because it is a pretty raw exhibition of what we are. This song sat for a while as just a repetitive guitar part over a drum machine. It took us some time, but the song eventually grew into a representation of our ability to collaborate, which, as ex-partners committing to a merged creative outlet, is a painful yet fruitful process."

The self-titled debut album from Harry the Nightgown arrives August 7th ~ cassette pre-orders coming soon.

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