Meet our Summer Interns!

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We've got two new amazing interns this season, and we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to both of them with some new playlists of their recommended and favorite music.

"Reina is in law school in San Francisco. She sometimes writes about music on the internet. She’s a libra, so she has a hard time deciding on anything, but her favorite Topshelf release is probably You’re Always On My Mind by A Great Big Pile of Leaves."

Check out Reina's ~ playlist ~

"Sarah just graduated from an art school! Some of their favorite sensory experiences include the mass of sweaty bodies at a Thursday show, the non-creamy creaminess of an oat latte, and the tranquility of driving from Rhode Island to New Jersey at 10pm. Their favorite album released on Topshelf is Keep Doing What You’re Doing by You Blew It!"

Listen to Sarah's ~ playlist ~

ttfn <3

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