Gregory Uhlmann // "Cool Breeze"

Escape the heat with Gregory Uhlmann's newest single from the upcoming record Neighborhood Watch.

The orchestral curio "Cool Breeze" details the unforgiving nature of LA's summer heat. Its sinuous passages jump between strings-laden verses and raucous choruses, overlaid with Uhlmann's search for respite from a summer scorch. "Cool Breeze" boasts the full scope of Uhlmann's exploratory songwriting, featuring sharp dynamic shifts and tempo changes that result in a compositionally adventurous track rife with intrigue and excitement.

“This album reflects where I’m at in my life. It feels more grown up, but still contains a certain level of uncertainty and searching. I think I'll always be looking for answers, but I'm more comfortable with the idea that there are not always clear cut solutions and that's ok.”

Neighborhood Watch is out July 24, and is available for pre-order now on three vinyl variants and cassette.

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