Really From S/T album out now!

The well-loved, but impossible to categorize Boston-based quartet Really From have released their innovative third full-length record, Really From. This release marks a bold new chapter for the band, who've seen major changes in all of their own personal lives as well as the life of the band in the 4 years that have passed since the release of their previous album Verse. The lead-up to this release has been incredibly exciting, with almost divine coincidences in timing involving a palpable uptick in interest in Really From's music in the month leading up to their announcement. It's been so fun to watch their intricate and unpredictably catchy songs find their way to new audiences with this rollout, and now release day is finally here!

"The album is dizzyingly complex and is always doing so many things at once, but it remains accessible throughout. You don't need a jazz degree to be interested in what they're doing; for all the intricate, twisted patterns on this album, these are just great, tuneful rock songs." - Brooklyn Vegan

There are so many moments on this record that stand out, but I will never be able to get over how slick and exciting each transition from soft lyrical moments, to lo-fi basement folk-punk, to bright horns, to emotionally charged shouting are. Those tempo shifts to each new chapter both within and between songs feel so special to me, and I think there's a little magic in them for every listener.

Sample the new record below with track 7: "I'm From Here"

Topshelf's own Will: "in terms of introducing the band to new listeners, i feel like "I'm From Here" is kind of like an overview of what the band is all about. also just a perfect fuckin song!"

Really From has completely sold out of its first pressing of vinyl online, but we do have CDs, cassettes, and digital downloads for sale. You can also stream the record wherever you so please.

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