"Talking to the Dead" // New live video from Olivia Kaplan

On June 25, Olivia Kaplan released her first full-length Tonight Turns to Nothing, packed with 11 tracks detailing "unfiltered feelings of alienation in intimacy with acute candor." (Merry-Go-Round Magazine)

Each single was accompanied by a video ahead of the full release, including "Wrong", "Seen By You", "Still Strangers", and "Ghosts" -- all pieces of the puzzle, expressing different angles in her examination of modern intimacy including your relationship with yourself, personas and perception as skewed by social media presences, crushes gone wrong, and avoidant attachment styles galore.

Now, Olivia has shared an archival live video of Track 9 from TTTN, "Talking to the Dead", which tackles fear of intimacy and distance in intimate relationships in a familiar and devastating way:

she’s alone / but she’d never tell / she feels her lover ought to know her well / enough to call, enough to ask / enough to try though he don’t understand.

This video was filmed at Elysian Park in Los Angeles, and features guest musicians Atlys Quartet, with arrangements by Ted Case.

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