Lunarette drop sparkling one-off "Tangerine Spritz"

This week we had the pleasure to team up with Lunarette and Babe City Records in releasing the shimmering, fluorescent one-off, "Tangerine Spritz". You can hear it now on all platforms, and watch the accompanying music video featured below.

"[A] chic redesign of the atmosphere where trip-hop beats decorate a summer sky with hot fluorescent hues." - Recommended Listen

Songwriter Kevin Doxsey explains feeling completely uninhibited during the writing process for Lunarette’s newest single “Tangerine Spritz”, a bubblegum trip-hop one-off that stands in intriguing contrast from the rest of the band’s nascent catalog. Singer Jackie Mendoza‘s enchanting voice guides the song with flavorful imagery, conjuring thoughts of youthful innocence and hot summer nights spent with friends in the city. The depth of production reflects these conjurations with a cosmopolitan darkness—a diversity of synth sounds and auxiliary percussion fill out the unique, almost maximal composition, flashing dynamically like an urban oasis. “Tangerine Spritz” feels ambitious with its pop-focused production, and undeniably catchy in its rhythmic adventurousness.

Recommended if you like: The Cardigans, (old) Lorde, bubblegum trip-hop with a variety of synth patches

"The video for “Tangerine Spritz” is about summertime in New York City. Even though Jackie lives in California and the rest of the band is in New York, we were able to make something that emits the energy of when we are together. Jackie’s shots were filmed on green screen in San Diego and Kevin, Colin, and Brian shot iPhone footage throughout a summer day in Queens. Our friends Julian Diaz, Felipe Duque, and Xayn Nazerally helped with shooting, and the editing was done by Matt Sklar."

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