Bellows // Album Announcement + Singles "Rancher's Pride" and "McNally Jackson"

Bellows has announced their fifth full-length album, titled 'Next of Kin', out March 23, 2022!

Today, Bellows has bestowed upon us two new songs, “Rancher’s Pride” and “McNally Jackson”, along with accompanying music videos.

"Rancher's Pride" evokes feelings of wafting through nighttime roads, the danger and mystery of the American highway, and the notion of freedom tied with menace that's locked to the American experience in our time.

Songwriter Oliver Kalb summons a bucolic fiction from a rancher’s perspective, but what emerges is a song whose subtext feels washed in the wrathful delusion lurking behind everyday American experience.

Truly a rancher's journey, let the music video take you along for a ride in the countryside.

The quasi-hyperpop anthem “McNally Jackson” playfully derides a songwriter’s abject realization that they’ve destroyed their life by wanting fame and success too much.

A story of a romantic relationship tied with a music career, the song finds its two central characters physically and spiritually sapped, losing love and life-energy in their quest for recognition and material gain.

Its video is a chaotic treat!

The two singles and videos are a perfect look into what 'Next of Kin' has in store (spoiler: it's magical). While we await the new album, it’s a great time to revisit Bellows’ 2019 album 'The Rose Gardener'!

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