Introducing: JYOCHO

Everyone say hi to JYOCHO :-)

We’re simply thrilled to share that we're partnering with them! We'll be releasing their album Let’s Promise to Be Happy on cassette and vinyl!

Pre-orders for the physicals go live on December 7 (we're just excited to tell you) ~ which also happens to be the anniversary of their first album. Sign up to get a reminder when they're up by hitting "get emailed" here.

JYOCHO’s music exudes pure emotion. It’s chaotic, non-linear, poetic, and gorgeous. When the opportunity to work together arose, it was an easy choice. Their peerless musicianship and body of work share many threads with the history of our label, so we're excited to partner with them and help share their music with a wider audience.

If you've never listened to JYOCHO - change that right now. Immediately. Let's Promise to Be Happy came out earlier this year, and you can listen to it here! You're in for a GREAT time. And now you're officially on the JYOCHO train.

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