cool original // 'another second, a whole lifetime'

The end of summer is also marking the end of cool original’s outtakes from “bad summer” series. Today we’re expanding the universe one last time with another second, a whole lifetime.

it’s 3 tracks:

  • “The Crying Hour”
  • “1-800-1-SECOND”
  • “Stuck” (Alien Boy cover)

“The Crying Hour” is a shiny new downcast pop number that feel like it belongs on cool original’s recent album, very much following the spirit and style of outtakes.

“1-800-1-SECOND” is a rework of the full album’s “i just need a second”. Like the original, it’s a bop, but this rework has lofi and subtly glitched alternate elements that repurpose it into a new vibe.

“Stuck” is a cover of an Alien Boy (close collaborators and friends to cool original) track. This cover flips the original song on its head, turning it into a longing summer anthem.

Listen to all three tracks on any platform here!

And catch the video for “The Crying Hour” to watch a good time and have a good time.

If you haven’t listened to cool original's outtakes from “bad summer” yet, you can hear the 11 bangers here, and check out the ~cool~ physicals here.

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