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an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

cool original posts

cool original // 'another second, a whole lifetime'

cool original

​The end of summer is also marking the end of cool original’s outtakes from “bad summer” series. Today we’re expanding the universe one last time with another second, a whole lifetime. read more →


bad summer inspiration // a cool original playlist

Nathan Tucker, the voice behind cool original, put together a playlist of 30 tracks that inspired the new album outtakes from “bad summer”. It’s a tracklist of absolute TUNES (much like the album itself). read more →


summer tours!!

cool original

It's gonna be a stacked summer. Weatherday, Sweet Pill, Bellows, Addy, Crisman, and Ratboys are all hitting the road soon! read more →


cool original // announcing the new album + lead single!

cool original

we’re releasing a new cool original album! it’s called outtakes from “bad summer” and it’s out on may 18! there’s a single and music video for you to get into right now. read more →


Cool Original // Tour Dates with Turtlenecked

cool original

Cool Original have always had a tendency to be “great at parties”... read more →


Announcing Six New Titles in Our Cassette Series

Really Big Pinecone

Last year we launched our first ever subscription—the idea was simple: a new cassette every month, for the whole calendar year. It was a lot of fun to curate and put together, but also pretty stressful to have to deliver something new every 30 days. Going into 2017, we decided... read more →