cool original // announcing the new album + lead single!

what’s up, wave racers? today i’m coming at you in all lowercase in honor of this hype announcement: we’re releasing a new cool original album! it’s called outtakes from “bad summer” and it’s out on may 18! there’s a single and music video for you to get into right now.

the new song and lead single “can’t wrap my head around it” is such a tune, and a great introduction to the full album. outtakes from “bad summer” is 11 pop-focused tracks that combine elements of electronic and ambient production. stream the single here!

“can’t wrap my head around it” was actually first conceived as a country-folk idea. cool original songwriter nathan tucker never ended up realizing that version, however, and instead reworked the first vocal melody and cadence into the “can’t wrap my head around it” that we all know and love (well, you will love). it even includes sonic texture from a voice memo taken of friend and bandmate tyler bussey’s (of~ strange ranger, and the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die) soundcheck pedalboard musings.

after a fervent and fruitful search for a jet ski, there is a music video out for your viewing pleasure. and what a pleasure it is. the essence of the album has somehow become a jet ski, and i’m here to ride that wave. watch the video!

the record is up for pre-order here in our web store and on bandcamp! it’s available on cassette and 3 vinyl variants: wave crest (transparent blue), glow in the dark, and skyline haze (red galaxy).

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