Caravels debut full length album, "Lacuna", now available for pre-order!

Let me bore you with a story for a moment. Caravels is a band from Las Vegas, NV that, a few years ago, became entirely too hard an entity for us to ignore out here on the east coast (not that we were trying to). Every time a band we work with would come back from a US tour and we'd catch up about how it went, Las Vegas and, more specifically, the hospitality and incredible live show of this band — Caravels — would be brought up. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.


We both ended up reaching out to one another — working on putting out a few records and becoming good friends since then. This time's different, though. I've always thought that this is a band that would really translate best over the course of an LP — in this case an actual long playing, full-length, ten-track album — not the steady stream of EPs and splits we've gotten since their start nearly a half decade ago as clueless (but well-intentioned) teens. That thought became an affirmation when we got mixes for the record a couple months ago. Artwork started coming together courtesy of Charlie Wagers' Three Bears Design (hire him!) and it quickly became overwhelmingly apparent that we had a great record on our hands here.

We're hoping you'll all agree.


Pre-orders are now up for Lacuna in CD, vinyl & digital formats along with a few package deal and bundle options.

You can also stream a new track from the record, "Hanging Off", over at Alternative Press.


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