Fav Finder App Now Available!

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Not sure what bands you want to get into next? Lost in the ever-abundant abyss of the internet, calling out to the Bandcamp and Spotify gods for some kind of sign? Let Topshelf do the work for you! How, you ask, are we going to do this? Through our latest app, Fav Finder!

Last week, we turned twelve years old. With twelve years, comes a plethora of releases new and old that our label is still abundantly excited about – and we want to make sure you get to hear them!

With Fav Finder, you can find sounds similar to even your most unlikely Topshelf interests. Just click on one of the bands on our roster, and you will be recommended a group of similarly sounding, or complimentary bands to the band of your picking. Check out the video below for more information, and let's get listening buds!

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